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Terrorist threats stir up Diamond relocation debate: Shell asked to reconsider buyout in wake of possible terrorist attack
October 2nd, 2001

Citizens of New Sarpy cite federal Clean Air Act violations: Orion Refining could face federal court action
September 12th, 2001

Shell goes back on past promises: Buys disputed area of Norco; refuses to relocate residents
August 22nd, 2001

Shell buys disputed area of Norco; Citizens of Diamond neighborhood erupt in anger
August 21st, 2001

New Sarpy resident testifies before EPA committee: Travels to nation's capitol to urge relocation
July 3rd, 2001

Love Canal activist, Lois Gibbs, 35 national environmental groups rally for full relocation of Diamond neighborhood at Shell Square, New Orleans
June 20th, 2001

Orion CEO angers community; Fails to meet after explosion
June 14th, 2001

Shell shuts door on relocation talks with Norco community: Company refuses to meet with expoert, then changes mind
May 16th, 2001

Norco residents up the ante in shell relocation battle
May 14th, 2001

Mossville residents uncover chemical release at CITGO: Air samples show dangerous levels throughout parish
May 9th, 2001

Bill Moyers exposes chemical industry deceit: Shell named in program as suppressing health studies
March 29th, 2001

DEQ lines pockets at expense of Diamond community
March 22nd, 2001

DEQ Press Release: State, national settlements with Motiva are "largest ever" in DEQ history
March 21st, 2001

Orion Refinery explodes again: DEQ investigation inconsequential; second fire in two weeks
March 12th, 2001

Tulane campus action targets Shell's Norco facility: Students announce support for African American community
March 8th, 2001

Orion Refining misleads press, community about flare: Eyewitness accounts, videotape tell of massive flaring, contradict Orion statements
February 1st, 2001

Community air samples expose hazardous substances in air: Alsen citizens point finger at Ronaldson Field Dump
January 31st, 2001

New Sarpy citizens demand EPA investigation of Orion: Report blasts refinery for reckless accidents - average of one per week
January 10th, 2001

Westlake citizens alarmed by Condea Vista flare: Company says flaring may last several days
January 9th, 2001

Citizens to expose problems at Orion Refining: Report reveals community threatened; call for EPA investigation
January 9th, 2001

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