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The Advocate: ‘The person I trust least’: State Rep. Neil Abramson’s controversial tactics win him few fans among legislators

Perhaps no bill matters to state lawmakers more than the measure that authorizes hundreds of millions of state dollars annually to build roads, repair buildings and construct sewer systems back home. So lawmakers were understandably antsy Monday afternoon, hours before the regular session would end, when they couldn’t find the bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Neil Abramson, for the second day in a row. Abramson wanted to bottle up the bill, which was up for final approval in the House, because he didn’t like changes made to it by the state Senate.

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Yes Magazine: Only Six Years After BP Oil Disaster, Gulf Coast Is Faced With New Drilling

Still recovering from the worst oil spill in U.S. history, Gulf Coast activists battle the threat of new offshore oil wells.

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Living on Earth radio: Louisianans Rally Against New Gulf Oil Leases

An interview with Louisiana Bucket Brigade executive director, Anne Rolfes.

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The News Star: Do Gulf lease sales need more security?

A Bureau of Ocean Energy Management spokesman said Wednesday that the federal agency encourages public input concerning oil and gas lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico, but may make changes on how it conducts its public auctions.

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The Nation: Louisiana Is Starting to Rise Up Against Big Oil

The Obama administration held its biggest oil lease sale yet—and then the protesters showed up.

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Video: Anne Rolfes Impression on New Lease on Life Demonstration

Louisiana Bucket Brigade's Founding Director, Anne Rolfes, gives her impression of the New Lease on Life demonstration.

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Grist: Climate activists gear up to protest new oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

Louisiana’s Superdome has been a controversial setting for climate emergencies in the past, serving as the refuge for 30,000 people who were washed out of their homes during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Now, it’s about to become a site for a battle between activists and a leading climate culprit: the oil and gas industry.


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AP/ABC News: Anti-Drilling Protesters Shout, Disrupt Oil, Gas Lease Sale

Protesters opposed to drilling in the Gulf of Mexico disrupted an oil and gas lease sale Wednesday, chanting and waving signs as government officials read bids from companies for the right to explore and develop fossil fuels offshore.

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Think Progress: Gulf Coast Residents Crash Oil Lease Auction, Chanting ‘Shut It Down’

Residents across the Atlantic coast got a win last week when the Obama administration chose not to include the Atlantic in its five-year plan for oil and gas development. But in the Gulf of Mexico, where oil companies have been drilling offshore for decades, residents opposed to oil drilling weren’t so lucky.


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