Accident in the Gulf part of the oil industry’s accident epidemic

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Accident in the Gulf part of the oil industry’s accident epidemic


An explosion at Fieldwood Energy’s Echo platform has killed one worker and injured three more. This accident is yet another in an industry rife with accidents.

According to industry’s own reports to the National Response Center, there have been thousands of accidents in the Gulf of Mexico this year. And on shore, refineries reported 331 accidents – an average of six per week – to the Department of Environmental Quality. See the Refinery Accident Database for more details.

“This accident is business as usual in the oil industry,” said Anne Rolfes of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade. “Fieldwood has factored in the loss of life in their insurance policies and they will keep on operating, nothing will change. Both the company and Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement are claiming that there is no pollution, that damage was limited to the rig. How long are we going to let workers die and companies lie? The so called regulatory agencies are enablers. The price we pay for fossil fuels is too high.”

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