Citizens to release report blasting Orion's alarming accident rate: Call for EPA investigation

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(December 18, New Sarpy, La.) A 10:30 AM press conference today will be the site of the New Sarpy Concerned Citizen's renewed demand for relocation from increasingly troubled Orion Refining. The group will release its report, Accident Prone, exposing the refinery's breakdowns,  over the last seven months. "We looked in the records and found out this refinery has an accident every week," said Dorothy Jenkins, President of the community group. "This is scary. I live 50 feet away. Get me out from under this plant." 

The release of the report comes just a week after Orion's unprecedented two week shut down of its catalytic cracker, a central component of the oil refinery. "The fact that they shut down the unit for such a long time tells you Orion is having big problems," said Anne Rolfes of The Louisiana Bucket Brigade, an organization that works with the New Sarpy citizens to take air samples. The New Sarpy Concerned Citizens cite the recent shut down, the June explosion, and constant accidents as evidence that the refinery's dangerous operations mandate relocation.

Today's press conference will feature New Sarpy Concerned Citizens' letter to the federal EPA calling for the agency to investigate the refinery's operations. "We expect the EPA to ask questions - why all these accidents, why the explosion in June?"


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