Concerned citizens of New Sarpy welcome new organization to the neighborhood

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(September 23, 2002) The Concerned Citizens of New Sarpy released a statement today welcoming The St. Charles Terrace Neighborhood Association, a new organization whose President, moved into the neighborhood last year. "We have lived here for nearly 50 years, but we welcome any help the newcomers can provide," said Dorothy Jenkins, President of Concerned Citizens of New Sarpy. " Maybe the newcomers can help us get relocation."

During the last week, the residents of St. Charles Terrace Subdivision have received invitations from the organization to meet its already elected officers at the first meeting - Wednesday, September 25th at 7 PM. "Why is the meeting in Norco? If this organization is for our neighborhood, why can't we meet here?" said Mrs. Jenkins. The meeting is to be held in the Norco Civic Association Hall three miles away from the neighborhood.

Along with the welcome statement, the Concerned Citizens of New Sarpy issued a list of questions for the new organization. Some of the residents are concerned that the officers of the new group have already been elected. "A group to focus on the problems of our neighborhood may be a good idea," said Ida Mitchell, Vice President of Concerned Citizens of New Sarpy. "But how is it that the officers were elected before the first meeting was held? That's a concern." No residents of St. Charles Street - the street closest to the refinery - were asked to be officers of the new organization.

The Concerned Citizens of New Sarpy say the new group must be representative of the people. Many residents believe that the initial funding for the group has come from Orion. "My invitation to the meeting was sent to my post office box," said Don Winston of St. Charles Street. "Orion is the only entity that has that address, I never give it out. The new organization seems to be working closely with Orion." In its statement today, Concerned Citizens of New Sarpy stressed that a neighborhood organization should represent the families in the neighborhood, not a business next door. " Did Orion conceptualize the organization and provide its initial funding?" read the statement. "We would like to know. We would also like to know if the new organization is going to act on the expressed wishes of the St. Charles Terrace Neighborhood or if the organization's commitment is to carry out the refinery's wishes and plans."

WHAT:     First Meeting of the St. Charles Terrace Neighborhood S

WHEN:    Wednesday, September 25, 7 PM

WHERE:    Norco Civic Association Hall, Good Hope Street, Norco

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