First Ever Community Meeting on Sampling Since Katrina

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Where: 4728 Constitution Ave

When: Tuesday, October 25th, 7 PM

What: The results of 14 soil samples taken in St. Bernard Parish will be released at a meeting organized by and for the residents of St. Bernard Parish. MacArthur Fellow Wilma Subra will present the results of samples taken in the parish. The samples have been taken based on locations identified by St. Bernard residents in collaboration with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade.

A key component of this sampling has been the community design and implementation of the sampling. One of the greatest problems post Katrina is the inability of community members to participate or even to know what is going on. This program has had community participation and control as a crucial aspect from the beginning.

Why: The EPA and the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) are nowhere in sight. The people of St. Bernard Parish are not aware of sampling done by the agencies or of the results of any sampling. This is unacceptable for agencies charged with protecting the public. Sadly, the failures are in keeping with the EPA's actions after 9/11.

Since government is not protecting people, we have to protect ourselves. Thus an independent sampling program has begun.

A crucial part of this meeting is getting organized to demand action. Tim Duncan, a long time participant in civil rights and social justice issues, will be on hand to clarify what actions people can take to get accountability from our government, especially DEQ.

Where: 4728 Constitution Ave

When: Tuesday, October 25th, 7 PM

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