KTBS: Community Gets Help From EPA

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By Keristen Holmes 

People living around Calumet Industries may be getting some help from the EPA in making sure their neighborhood is safe. Reps with the environmental protection agency met with members of the community today. People of the neighborhood have been testing the air quality in their area and had an independent lab sample it for unhealthy chemicals. The lab found traces of chemicals that could be linked to cancer so the EPA or environmental protection agency got involved. 

Velma White has been leading the campaign for a healthier community for years and says she feels like their voices are finally being heard. "I've noticed a lot of illness and I've noticed the community on a decline and that's what makes me want to fight. It's hard to keep the community alive and to keep the people healthy." Ron Curry is the EPA Administrator for Region 6. He attended the meeting and said, "We're going to work with the community and understand what their needs and wants are, understand what the issues are as far as the community is concerned. We'll engage the company and try to improve things."

EPA Administration also met with Mayor Glover and other city officials to try to work together to find a solution to the community's issues.

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