St. Charles Herald Guide: St. Rose featured in global company's pro-environment campaign

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By Anna Thibodeaux

St. Rose is one of three communities featured in Patagonia's national "Vote Our Planet" campaign urging Americans to elect officials who support the environment.

Keith Adams, who has lived in the area since 1994, features prominently in a call-to-action video called “Vote Our Air” that Ventura, Calif.-based Patagonia is using to generate support for the environment as the presidential election approaches on Nov. 8.

Patagonia partnered with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, a grassroots environmental promoting environmental health and justice, and St. Rose residents to make the video. The global outdoor apparel company dedicated an estimated $1 million for the campaign, which is aimed at getting people registered to vote and inspired to vote for environmental priorities.

In the video, Adams states, “We’re being poisoned on a daily basis. We don’t know what we’ve been exposed to. We know hydrogen sulfide, they admitted to that. Since then, we’ve experienced the odors over and over and over again.”Speaking on behalf of a group called St. Rose Community One Voice, Adams said minorities and poor neighborhoods are often targeted for polluting industries.

“The most important votes you can make are local,” he added. “Anybody who has a stake in the future should be up in arms.”

Adams added the area.

“You’re a human being,” he added. “You have a right, I don’t care how small your community is, you have the right to clean air. We can do right thing here to protect our citizens.”

According to Patagonia’s campaign, “Over 40 percent of the nation live where pollution levels are often dangerously high and millions of children and adults with asthma suffer every day.”

The company is calling on Americans to elect leaders at the local, state and national levels “who will defend the well being of our families and communities - leaders who support clean air, clean water, strong climate action and a courageous shift to renewable energy.”

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