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Petrochemical Industry Accidents: February 15 - March 15, 2017

There were 166 petrochemical accident reports in January 2017.

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Media Advisory--Update: 144 Petrochemical Accidents in Four Week Span


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Report: Offshore Oil Accidents 2016

With a total of 479 reports during 2016, there was more than one accident a day, or an average of nine accidents per week. These were just the accidents that were reported.

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Government Auctions Gulf of Mexico as New Report Details Hundreds of Offshore Accidents in 2016

The federal government is auctioning 48 million acres of our Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, March 22nd. 

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479 Reports of Oil Industry Accidents from Offshore Drilling in 2016

Groups Call for Cancellation of Lease Auction

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Gulf Coast Bears Brunt of Renewed Federal Commitment to Fossil Fuels

Gulf Coast Bears Brunt of Renewed Federal Commitment to Fossil Fuels

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Final Petrochemical Accident Report: Feb 1 - 14, 2017

The catastrophic accident pace continues: 78 accidents in first two weeks of February. Read the full report below.

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Want to Take on the Bayou Bridge Pipeline? All It Takes is Five Minutes and a Printer.

The Bucket Brigade is turning to art to spread the word and inspire the struggle against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.


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