2015 and 2016 Accomplishments

Your generous support of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade made the following accomplishments possible:

  • November, 2016: Launch of our Spotlight on Spills project to highlight the terrible accident problem in the oil industry. Read one of the first reports here.
  • October, 2016: Six people were arrested at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. This group simply tried to walk inside and deliver a message: President Obama, end new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. 

    A significant accomplishment of the year was training a cadre of people to participate in and lead civil disobedience actions in this region. The actions in March, August and October were a result of that strategy.

  • ​August, 2016: Four people arrested at the New Orleans office of the  Bureau of Ocean Energy  Management in a civil disobedience action> We also piled flood debris from the August Baton Rouge  floods at the entrance to their office. The message to the agency was to end new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, because DRILLING = FLOODS.
  • March 4, 2016: Republican State Representative Connick of Marrero filed our air monitoring bill in the state legislature. It would require air monitoring on the fenceline of polluters in Louisiana. This work is happening as part of General Russel Honore’s GreenARMY.
  • March 2016: On March 23rd hundreds of us were in the Superdome to say, for the first time ever, that we want drilling in the Gulf of Mexico to end. On that day, the federal government was auctioning 43 million acres of our Gulf of Mexico to the oil industry. We took over the auction room inside the Superdome. “The Gulf is not for sale,” was our message. The headlines recognized the moment:  “Louisiana is Finally Starting to Rise Up Against Big Oil,” and “Cheers for the Protesters Who Took over an Offshore Drilling Auction.”

    The March action was the kickoff of a campaign to end drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The Louisiana Bucket Brigade has been an important leader in the movement in this region to get off of oil and fossil fuels. Our staff collaborated with other groups from around the region to maximize turnout and organize the events at the Superdome.

  • November, 2015: Local residents in Marrero and in uptown New Orleans reached out to us to for help in opposing an expansion of the Vertex refinery. We have helped organize press conferences and community meetings in pursuit of preventing the refinery from expanding.
  • October, 2015: Environmental Protection Agency inspectors, including the National Enforcement Investigations Center, descended on Shell and IMTT in St. Rose. We have collaborated with St. Rose Community One Voice for the last year and a half to push for this inspection.
  • September, 2015: A five year partnership with six groups from around the country and Earthjustice’s D.C. office resulted in the EPA Refinery Rule. It will require, for the first time ever, air monitoring for the carcinogen benzene in fenceline communities as well as a reduction in refinery pollution.  This tremendous policy accomplishment was born from the grassroots. We had community representatives in these meetings for the last six years giving insight into what aspects of the proposed rule would and would not work. 
  • April, 2015: One week before the BP anniversary, Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LABB) staff went to BP headquarters with others from the Gulf Coast to talk with the U.S. chairman. He refused to come down, and we only left when we were arrested. We took the BP harms – destroyed fisheries, ruined beaches, broken families – to the heart of their business.  We orchestrated this action with Rainforest Action Network and Bridge the Gulf, thereby laying the groundwork for the no new drilling demand and the March 23rd Superdome action.





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