2017 Accomplishments

Your generous support of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade made the following accomplishments possible:

  • January and March 2017: In concert with other groups in Louisiana, we rallied 600 people at two public hearings to urge rejection of the proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline, a 162-mile behemoth that would run across south Louisiana, through the Atchafalaya Baton as well as through Bayou LaFourche, the drinking water source for over 300,000 people, including the Houma Nation.
  • March 2017: Fenceline neighbors in Louisiana won a Clean Air Act citizen suit. With the representation of our able lawyers at Washington, DC-based EarthJustice, the ruling requires the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to review the health threats – cancer risks, chronic respiratory, neurological harm – of short term exposure, as well as install better emission control technology. This has an impact throughout Louisiana, especially for our partners in St. Rose adjacent to Shell. 

    This victory was reached because of the active participation of our fenceline community partners, who consistently relayed to the court the ongoing harms of the pollution next door.

  • ​May 2017: Successfully pressured recalcitrant Congressman Cedric Richmond to request, in writing, that the Army Corps of Engineers conduct an Environmental Impact Statement for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.
  • May 2017: Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) agreed to install air monitors in the town of St. Rose.
  • June 2017: Protected air quality in St. Rose. The Shell asphalt refinery and tank farm had proposed to release an additional 119 tons of air pollution per year. Our collaboration with St. Rose Community One Voice forced the LDEQ to hold a public hearing, where residents detailed the impacts of the increased pollution. The company cancelled its plans to expand.
  • August 2017: Deployed a film crew to Houston to capture on the ground documentation of chemical contamination from the Valero Refinery, post-Hurricane Harvey.
  • September 2017: Released the Bayou Bridge film series, three short films featuring communities at risk from the pipeline. This film series features the brave people standing up to the construction, including crawfisherman Shane Doucet in the Atchafalaya Basin, Jessi Parfait of the United Houma Nation, Pastor Joseph from the African-American town of Freetown in St. James Parish, and General Russel Honore.
  • October 2017: Kept the controversy of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline alive in the media. Our media work resulted in four stories about the impacts of the pipeline.

    Also in October, we joined with 13 environmental, health, and science groups at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in challenging the EPA’s decision to delay implementation of an important chemical safety rule. Our brief, filed jointly with the United Steelworkers Union, argues that the delay violates federal law. 

  • November 2017: We are working with General Honore’s GreenARMY on our legislative agenda for 2018, including air monitoring legislation and a plan to gather data about women’s health in communities most impacted by pollution.


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