Spotlight on Spills

The ​oil ​industry has thousands of accidents on shore and in our Gulf of Mexico every year​, yet few people know about them. Spotlight on Spills is our plan to change that​. Every two weeks we collaborate with and 350 Louisiana to release the most recent accidents in our state - both offshore and inland. The goal of Spotlight on Spills is to get the information about the oil industry's epidemic accident rate into the public eye. It's time to put an end to these accidents!​​​ Click here to read the bi-monthly reports.​

Spotlight on Spills is an important part of our support to fenceline communities. Fenceline neighbors submit reports like this one to the via text or phone call:

“I arrived at my home and this smell affected me quickly: headache, dizzy, coughing and totally lethargic. I am so ill from the contamination of this chemical and even today it is mild in the daytime, but is an ongoing chemical smell. But at certain times at night, it’s more powerful and last night was one of those nights.” Barbara Green, St. Rose, adjacent to a Shell asphalt refinery and an IMTT tank farm

Without a way to tell the world about the pollution, fenceline neighbors simply suffer in silence. Their iWitness reports are always available at An analysis of their reports is included in our Spotlight on Spills updates twice a month.

The bottom line is that people in Louisiana are sick and dying from exposure to Big Oil’s pollution. We are standing up to say no more. No more.

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