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American Press: Mossville Resident Says Situation Overblown

Kerry Rigmaiden calls Mossville home.

Scattered through his neighborhood are empty homes and lots, some with signs declaring it toxic, polluted and deadly. National and international experts have visited the area to study its pollution.

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American Press: Past, Present Mossville Residents Urged to Participate in Health Survey June 27

MOSSVILLE -- Health histories of past and present residents here will be 
taken Tuesday.

The questionnaire is similar to one a doctor might ask a new patient to 
complete, according to Bob Johannessen of the state Department of Health and Hospitals.

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American Press: Efforts Intensify to Protect Drinking Water, EPA Says

Efforts to protect drinking water and clean up ethylene dichloride 
contamination at Condea Vista have been stepped up, according to a state 

Four vertical and six horizontal wells were installed to recover EDC first 
discovered in 1981.


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