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Times-Picayune: Rising Mississippi River pushing debris downstream

By John Pope, The Times-Picayune 

To reduce the flow of the swollen Mississippi River as it surges toward New Orleans, two more bays on the Morganza Floodway were opened Wednesday, bringing the total to 17.

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Houma Today: Lawmakers file batch of spill bills

Jeremy Alford, Capitol Correspondent

BATON ROUGE — Lawmakers filed their final round of legislation for the ongoing regular session last week and included is a batch of bills and resolutions targeting last year’s unprecedented oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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The Lens: Refinery accident pollution estimates badly need refining

By Benjamin Leger, The Lens contributing opinion writer |

Talk to anyone who lives near an oil refinery or chemical plant in Louisiana, and they’ll tell you they worry every night about what might happen.

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The Daily Iowan: Dispatches from Power Shift 2011

As we approached the crowd of environmentalists on April 18, I grabbed a sign that read, "We the People" and jumped into the mix with thousands of other people my age. Trumpets, drums, and voices amplified by megaphones drowned the noise of the usually busy street.

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Facing South: The BP Health Crisis by the numbers

Compiled by Sue Sturgis

Percent of the population living within 10 miles of Gulf of Mexico waters in areas affected by the BP disaster who were directly exposed to the spilled oil: 40

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Patagonia's Cleanest Line blog: Anniversary of the BP Gulf Spill 7 Weeks, 7 Communities, 70 Employees

Patagonia hadn't budgeted for the disaster of last year's Gulf oil spill (The Deepwater Horizon well blew up on April 20, 2010), but circumstances there were dire, so our CEO tapped Patagonia vice presidents to look for discretionary money.

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New York Times - Greenwire: Questions Linger About Effects of Oil Spill, Chemicals on Gulf Coast Residents

By JEREMY P. JACOBS of Greenwire

Andre Gaines was among thousands of unemployed Gulf Coast residents who saw an opportunity in the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year.


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