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Collective Evolution: Company Behind DAPL Has Polluted Rivers in Four States in Last Two Years & Reported 69 Accidents

By Alexa Erickson

The news that the US Army Corps of Engineers granted an easement in North Dakota for the Dakota Access Pipeline devastated people around the world, as it gave the green light to move toward completion.

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Communities Along Bayou Bridge Pipeline Route Bear Brunt of Accidents

144 Petrochemical Accidents in 30 Days; Lake Charles and St. James Suffer Significant Pollution

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Petrochemical Industry Accidents: February 15 - March 15, 2017

There were 166 petrochemical accident reports in January 2017.

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Media Advisory--Update: 144 Petrochemical Accidents in Four Week Span


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Community Interview: Wanda Weber

Chemical Odor in St. Rose

On June 13th in response to calls about a chemical odor, the Bucket Brigade deployed its Emergency Response Team to talk to the St. Rose community and take health surveys. Over 80% of residents interviewed by the Bucket Brigade reported health effects from vomiting to diarrhea. 

The neighboring industrial facilities - Shell and IMTT - as well as the spokesperson for the Department of Environmental Quality stated that "we have found no levels [of air pollution] that are harmful to human health."

Despite these statements, community reports indicate that odors are a chronic problem in St. Rose and a process is not in place to adequately protect the health and safety of the fencline communities.

Wanda Weber "Stands Up"

Wanda Weber has been living in St. Rose her entire life. She's currently on oxygen, and when the odors intensified, she struggled to breathe. Her children had to rescue her from her home.

Watch this video to hear her story, her struggle, but most importantly, her reason for "standing up."


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