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Chalmette Neighbors Travel to Dallas for ExxonMobil Shareholder Meeting

(Dallas) In a bold move to protect themselves from mounting liabilities at ExxonMobil's Chalmette Refining, ExxonMobil shareholders are requesting that Lee Raymond, the company's CEO, step in and develop a compliance plan for the refinery.

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ExxonMobil neighbors detail refinery abuses in Louisiana: Shareholders asked to intervene as liabilities escalate

(Chalmette) Long time neighbors of an ExxonMobil refinery are taking their complaints to Dallas headquarters to alert shareholders to the mounting liabilities at its troubled Chalmette Refinery.

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First Results from Chalmette Air Monitors Expose Pollution

(Chalmette) In a resounding confirmation of community air samples taken over the last two years, the first results from high technology monitors operated by the state and community groups have detected a known carcinogen and an asthma trigger at alarming levels.

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Plaintiffs in Clean Air Act Suit vs. Chalmette’s ExxonMobil File Motion in Federal Court for Ruling on Illegal Leaks and Flares

(New Orleans) A Motion for Summary Judgment* in the ongoing suit against the troubled ExxonMobil Chalmette Refining was filed yesterday in federal court at 4:59 PM on behalf of the St. Bernard Citizens for Environmental Quality and the Louisiana Bucket Brigade.

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ExxonMobil found guilty of violating Clean Air Act: Judge’s ruling finds repeated violations

(New Orleans) In a resounding vindication of Chalmette citizens’ longstanding complaints about ExxonMobil’s toxic air pollution, U.S. District Court Judge Sarah Vance ruled in favor of the citizens, ruling that refinery operations violate the Clean Air Act.

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ExxonMobil found guilty of violating Clean Air Act again: Second guilty verdict this year with more than 2,000 violations found

(Baton Rouge, LA) Chalmette’s ExxonMobil was again slammed with a guilty verdict as the refinery’s closest  neighbors – long time victims of the refinery’s pollution -  were vindicated in Court by U. S. District Court Judge Sarah Vance.

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St. Bernard residents unveil monitoring plan for Chalmette's ExxonMobil Refinery

January 31st, 2005


First of its Kind Real Time Air Toxics Program Advocated

EPA and Department of Justice Urged to Include Program in Government Settlements 



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