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A Plan Without People

The 2014 St. James Parish Land Use Plan has paved the way for massive industrial development of St. James Parish, drastically changing the future for thousands of residents living in these historic communities.

The Parish government is steering industry into the 4th and 5th Districts and subjugating the interests of residents. In the 5th District, the communities under threat include Lemanville, Welcome, Freetown, Chatmantown, Barris, and Moonshine. In the 4th District, the communities of Union, Romeville, Convent and White Hall are on the chopping block.

If changes are not made, the St. James Parish Land Use Plan will bring massive industrial pollution to the entire parish and eliminate two of the three majority African American districts in St. James Parish within the next decade. The purpose of this report is to prevent the destruction of the parish, especially the 4th and 5th Districts, and to expose the secretive way that the 2014 Land Use Plan was made.

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