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Photo: Sharon Lavigne, RISE St. James, and Jerry Greenfield, Ben & Jerry’s

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade works hard to stand up to the petrochemical industry that pollutes our air, soil, and water. This pollution makes us sick and it’s no coincidence these mega polluters build in Black neighborhoods along the Mississippi River. Our state and local leaders approve building permits with impunity while denying permits for mega-polluters to build in white neighborhoods.

Donations to the Bucket Brigade are tax-deductible and you can make a great gift for a birthday, a graduation, any occasion – support environmental justice by making a gift in someone’s honor.

If you would like to mail in your donation, please send to:
Louisiana Bucket Brigade
3416 Canal Street, Suite B
New Orleans, LA 70119

Whatever the reason you support the Louisiana Bucket Brigade; it’s clear that you understand the environmental injustice in Louisiana and believe we can stop it. Thank you for standing with us, we hope you find a way to give that works best for you.