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Letter to Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

December 15, 2020


JAPAN, Chiyoda-ku
1-1, Marunouchi 1-Chome,
Sasaki Hitoshi
Chief Operating Officer
Mitsubishi Chemical Company

Sent by mail and email

Dear Mr. Sasaki:

Greetings from Louisiana. It is with interest and concern that we read the announcement by the Louisiana Economic Development office regarding the proposed new Mitsubishi Chemical Company in Geismar. While state officials have informed you of our generous tax incentive programs and other giveaways, we regret to inform you of the crucial information the state has withheld: the opposition you will face.

Mitsubishi will face tremendous reputational and financial risks should you elect to move forward. We, the signers of this letter, are also unified to halt Formosa Plastics in St. James, Louisiana. Two Formosa Plastics Group project permits have been suspended by our state and local government due to lawsuits.

We will challenge the Mitsubishi project by marching, by staging events, chaining ourselves to equipment as well as by utilizing every avenue of litigation. We will take our resistance to Japan should that be necessary. Please note the enclosed picture. This could be you!

We feel certain that Governor Edwards and Don Pierson have failed to inform you of growing opposition to exploiting our beloved state of Louisiana and using us as a dumping ground. Rethink your plans and pivot to a healthier and safer form of commerce. You are not welcome here.


Ethan Buckner, Earthworks
Nancy Bui, Justice For Formosa Victims
Beth Butler, A Community Voice
Robert Desmarais Sullivan, Greater New Orleans Interfaith Climate Coalition
Peter Digre, Climate Reality Project New Orleans Chapter
Clare Giesen, 350 New Orleans
Sharon Lavigne, RISE St. James
Darryl Malek-Wiley, New Orleans Office Sierra Club
Gregory Manning, Greater New Orleans Interfaith Climate Coalition
Sylvia McKenzie, Louisiana League of Smart Voters II
Ben Nugent-Peterson, Extinction Rebellion New Orleans
Jane Patton, No Waste Louisiana
Frances Roberts-Gregory, Northeastern University
Anne Rolfes, Louisiana Bucket Brigade
Elizabeth Soychak, Justice & Beyond
Robert Taylor, Concerned Citizens of St. John
Grace Treffinger, Sunrise New Orleans
Barbara Washington, Inclusive Louisiana
Diane Wilson, San Antonio Bay Waterkeeper


Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards
Secretary Don Pierson, Louisiana Economic Development