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Louisiana’s Worst Refinery Accidents 2005 ‐ 2008

This document comprises a selection of some of the worst refinery accidents that occurred in the state of Louisiana between 2005 and 2008. We have excerpted some of the pertinent information about each of these accidents in the table of contents below.

Digital annotations within the documents, including call‐out boxes, arrows, underlining, highlighting, and text boxes have been added by Louisiana Bucket Brigade to assist the reader in locating critical information concerning the amount of each pollutant released. Any handwritten annotations are from refinery or state agency personnel.

Readers should also be advised that all page numbers listed in the table of contents refer to pages as enumerated in the footer of the .pdf file. That is, for the purpose of navigation, readers should ignore all page numbers printed on the pages themselves except for those below the “REI Worst Accidents ’05‐‘08” tagline.

A typical incident report from a refinery is only a few pages in length. However, refineries often append follow‐up reports and/or supplemental reports from LDEQ. Thus, reports sometimes stretch to over 25 pages, especially in the case of extremely worrisome accidents like those in this document. In the interest of brevity and clarity, we have excluded supplemental material from some reports when it adds no new information.

Read the full report here.