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Map: Potential Effects of Formosa Plastic & Other Proposed Plants on Lac des Allemands

The above map illustrates the path that stormwater runoff, which would certainly carry toxins including ambient and incidental chemical waste and loose plastic pellets, called “nurdles,” which would be Formosa’s main product, would take from the Formosa, South Louisiana Methanol, and YCI sites down the St. James Canal to Lac des Allemands. Lac des Allemands has been named the “Catfish Capital of the Universe” by the Louisiana state legislature for its prodigious catfish production, with a 97th percentile hatch rate far above and beyond any other body of water in the state, and is a major source of catfish, crab, shrimp, and other seafood across the state, from family dinner tables to French Quarter gourmet restaurants. Lac des Allemands is an economic and cultural lifeline to local fisherfolk and their families in South Louisiana, and connects to other commercial and recreational fishing hotspots in the Gulf of Mexico, where any toxins entering Lac des Allemands would eventually end up. Watch Des Allemands fisherman Joey Fonseca of Outlaw Katfish discuss the issue before the St. James Parish Council on Facebook: