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NOW HIRING: Administrative Director

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The Louisiana Bucket Brigade is a 501(c)(3) environmental health and justice organization working with communities that neighbor the state’s oil refineries and chemical plants. We use grassroots action to create an informed, healthy society that holds the petrochemical industry and government accountable for the true costs of pollution to hasten the transition from fossil fuels. Our vision is a Louisiana that is a healthy, prosperous, pollution free and just state where people and the environment are valued over profit. We are looking for an experienced Administrative Director to join our team advancing this important work.

Purpose of Position:  The purpose of the Administrative Director is to manage the operations and administrative matters of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LABB).

Reports to: Director

Job Status: Part-time, 25 hours a week to be distributed throughout the week

Salary: Annual salary is $30,000 plus health insurance

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Administration
    a. Work with the board and Director to maintain current policies and communicate those to staff. Policies include employee handbook and COVID-19 policies.
    b. Assure scheduling and execution of weekly staff meetings; communicate schedule changes as necessary.
    c.  Assure that meetings between staff and those they supervise are taking place.
    d. Maintain file of staff monthly and quarterly work plans, review plans monthly.
    e.  Develop system to organize and maintain organizational archives.
    f.   Assure external materials – web site, social media – are up to date regarding staff, address, etc.
  2. Office management
    a. Assure smooth functioning of all systems required to run office: phones, conference and zoom lines, security, twice monthly cleaning, maintenance of shared office spaces, calendar of trash and recycling schedules, wi fi, server and other technical needs.
    b. Manage satellite office locations and remote working arrangements, including staff members not based in New Orleans.
    c. Maintain calendar of in office work days to assure that the office is COVID compliant and not crowded.
    d.  Coordinate equipment repairs and vendor visits as necessary.
    e. Organize storage units, maintain inventory.
    f. Order supplies as necessary, assure proper outfitting of office with necessary furniture and equipment.
  3. Personnel
    a. Develop system of quarterly staff tune ups.
    b. Maintain calendar of quarterly staff tune ups, assure scheduling and execution.
    c.  Maintain record of vacation and sick days.
    d. Plan and implement twice yearly diversity, equity and inclusion sessions for staff members.
    e. Maintain ongoing calendar of Black history events and educational opportunities, identify and distribute monthly readings on issues of race and equity
    f.   Work with staff to take advantage of continuing education and training opportunities.
    g. Manage volunteers: reply to requests, connect volunteers to appropriate staff, integrate volunteers into projects and create volunteer appreciation
    h. Plan observances for holidays and staff birthdays.
    i.   Conduct orientation for new staff and continuing education re: Louisiana Bucket Brigade policies for all staff.
    j.   Advertise job openings, manage interview schedule when the organization is hiring.

Experience and Qualifications: This person should be action oriented, an upbeat solution finder with a love of helping people to learn and expand their skills. Five plus years’ experience in a comprehensive position executing various administrative, personnel, operational, organization wide communications and record keeping. Applicants must be willing to carry out an array of tasks, some high level and others mundane.

The applicant should demonstrate finely honed skills and experience with: teaching and training, staff coordination, organizing and maintaining digital and paper files, prioritizing tasks, organizing meetings, and implementing procedures.

The applicant must have good written and verbal communications skills and have a demonstrated track record of being a self-starter who can manage and complete a list of to do items.


Please send applications and resumes to