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NOW HIRING: Bike Ride Manager

To apply: Send an email to with a subject line that reads Bike Ride Manager, Last Name, First Name. Attach your resume and cover letter.

Applications must be submitted by May 11th, 2021.

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade is a 501(c)(3) environmental health and justice organization working with communities that neighbor the state’s oil refineries and chemical plants.  We use grassroots action to create an informed, healthy society that holds the petrochemical industry and government accountable for the true costs of pollution to hasten the transition from fossil fuels. Our vision is a Louisiana that is a healthy, prosperous, pollution free and just state where people and the environment are valued over profit. We are looking for an experienced guide to join our team advancing this important work. 

Purpose of Position:  The purpose of the Down by The River (DBTR) Bike Ride Manager is to manage the operation and lead the rides for the DBTR Bike Ride, a social business of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade (LABB). The purpose of the DBTR Bike Ride is to educate and inform the public, by providing historical and cultural context as to the social injustices that have occurred and still currently exist within African American communities along Cancer Alley due to pollution caused by oil and petrochemical companies.

Reports to: Economic Development Advisor 

Job Status: Part-time, 25 hours a week to start, with the potential for full-time employment as bike ride demand increases.  

Salary: Hourly wage is $25.00/hour plus health insurance. As the position grows the job can transition to a salaried position. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Manage Bike Ride Logistics

a. Assure scheduling and execution of bike rides
b. Assure smooth functioning of all tasks required for the bike ride to function:  receive all bike ride requests, maintain a database of all requests, and rides completed
c. Assure proper scheduling of support staff which includes an experienced rider for the rear of the group to stay with stragglers, supply of snacks, water and printed materials
d. Arrange lunches or special events along route as necessary
e. Maintain inventory in bike storage units and coordinate bike repairs Transport bikes for repair and maintenance. Buy new bikes to grow fleet as necessary
f. Maintain the budget in concert with the Administrative Director; collaborate with accountant as necessary

2. Facilitate Guided Bike Rides

a. Conduct scripted bike ride for approximately 11.5 miles along the Mississippi River levee with 5 stops outgoing and a non-stop ride returning
b. Ensure everyone has proper equipment
c. Assure everyone in the group has returned, is accounted for, has returned equipment and received information
d. Administer pre and post ride surveys
e. Troubleshoot and prepare for problems that may arise. Make sure to have necessary equipment, including bike locks, bike pump, allen wrenches, bike grease
f. Make sure all bikes are returned to storage unit after ride

3. Maintain and develop tour content

a. Remain apprised of Bucket Brigade work and developing news of relevance to the ride, in both the areas of environmental justice and African American history
Update tour information to reflect new information; keep the tour fresh and alive
c. Maintain visual aids and bibliography of ride

4. Marketing and Advertising

a. Work with Economic Advisor to develop the marketing plan further
b. Maintain database of past and potential riders
Conduct outreach efforts to target audiences: prior participants, local universities and K-12 schools, donors, convention center, conference attendees, organizations interested in social justice
d. Analyze pre- and post-ride surveys
e. Manage advertising, work with designer as necessary
f. Keep website language fresh and up to date
g. Provide photographs for ongoing marketing, manage photographer as necessary

Experience and Qualifications: This person should be action oriented, high energy, a reader and a good storyteller with a love of helping people to learn and educate themselves. Two plus years’ experience working with groups.  Must be able to ride the 11.5 mile round-trip  route easily and manage a fleet of bikes, including transporting them to bike repair shops as necessary.

The applicant must be punctual and able to keep a group on schedule without imparting stress or a feeling of being rushed. 

The applicant should have a demonstrated knowledge of African American history and culture and an interest in the effects of the petroleum and chemical industries on African American communities, which should be detailed in the Cover Letter.

The applicant must have excellent verbal communication skills and a demonstrated track record of being a self-starter who can manage what is essentially a small business, with a minimum of oversight.

Valid drivers’ license required. Schedule will require some evening and weekend work.

To apply: Send an email to with a subject line that reads Bike Ride Manager, Last Name, First Name. Attach your resume and cover letter.

Applications must be submitted by May 11th, 2021.