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An important part of our work is to adapt to current events like the power of the Movement for Black Lives. By advancing the nation’s consciousness of racism and highlighting the vulnerability of Black communities, the Movement for Black Lives has created a conversation that is crucial for Louisiana. The Bucket Brigade seeks to strengthen that movement by working with others to build strong Black institutions via our economic diversification and organizational development work.

Economic Diversification

Louisiana’s idea of economic development has centered on sacrificing our health and our environment to the petrochemical industry. It doesn’t need to be like this; it is long past time to transition and to diversify our economy. We have an incipient partnership with IC2, an economic development institute at the University of Texas, to conduct a review of community and economic assets along Cancer Alley. This review will identify the building blocks of a new and better economy for our state.


Organizational Development

We are collaborating with community groups along Cancer Alley to solidify their organizations and grow the landscape of groups doing this work. This project focuses on strengthening groups led by the impacted communities.


Big Oil: Fix Our Coast

The good news is that people in south Louisiana understand the need for healthy wetlands and a thriving coast. “Save the coast!” has become a rallying cry, yet the Master Plan that would rebuild our coast is billions of dollars short.

The oil industry destroyed our coast by digging 8,000 miles of pipelines and canals. Read this explanation of the issue by Tulane professor Oliver Houck.

How severe is the problem? Seven Louisiana parishes are suing the oil industry for destruction of the coast of Louisiana. These aren’t radical people. These are conservative areas filled with people who understand that the oil industry’s carelessness impacts our ability to stay in this region. The parishes include Vermillion, Cameron, Jefferson, Lafourche, Plaquemines, St. John and St. Bernard.

Click here for a timeline of the oil industry’s destruction of our coast and our wetlands.

Read this recent study about the risk to 500,000 people from ongoing coastal loss.

The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, has taken a brave stand, letting the oil industry know that it will be held accountable for the destruction of our coast. Please take a moment to call his office and thank him today: (225) 342-7015 or (866) 366-1121