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Protecting Louisiana from Gas Exports

Oil and gas companies plan to build a dozen new gas export terminals on the Louisiana coast to export methane gas, often referred to as natural gas in industry greenwashing. This massive expansion would destroy the Louisiana coast, further exposing us to storms and raising energy prices for all of us. If these facilities move forward, they will radically transform the Louisiana coast into an industrial wasteland — enriching the oil and gas industry while we pay the price.

We need our coast intact.

All twelve of the proposed gas export terminals would be on the coast of Louisiana, targeting the already vulnerable parishes of Plaquemines, Cameron and Calcasieu. This assault on our coast puts small towns and major cities – including New Orleans and Lake Charles – at risk.

South Louisiana is already ground zero for the extreme weather effects of climate change. We have endured three hurricanes, a deep freeze, flooding and tornadoes in a span of 14 months. All of the gas is proposed to be exported; is it really worth destroying the Louisiana coast and making us more vulnerable, all to send gas overseas?

Industry claims that this gas will save Europe from Russian control of its gas supply, but these facilities wouldn’t be built for years, long after Europe could benefit from serious investments in renewable energy. What’s more, tying our future to methane gas plays directly into Putin’s hands, maintaining global dependence on a volatile resource.

There’s nothing clean about methane gas.

Don’t be fooled by the oil and gas industry’s attempts to spin liquid natural gas (LNG) as a “green alternative” fuel by calling it natural gas. In fact, this gas is harmful — a triple threat to the climate, warming the planet throughout the export process:

  • Methane emissions during extraction
  • Energy-intensive processing for transportation
  • Carbon dioxide emissions upon combustion

Emissions from the extraction, liquefaction, transport and regasification of methane gas are in addition to the emissions when people use the gas. There is nothing natural or green about this gas.

Gas export facilities also emit high quantities of benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, NOx and other pollutants. Because of the three existing terminals in the region, Cameron and Calcasieu Parishes already have some of the highest levels of emissions per capita in the country. The 12 proposed facilities would not only exceed EPA National Ambient Air Quality standards, but would also dramatically increase the public health impact already burdening communities in these heavily industrialized areas.

With all that considered, methane gas is one of the dirtiest fuels on the planet. Worse, its misperception as a clean alternative to coal undermines the development of renewable energy sources that could bring much-needed economic diversification to South Louisiana.

Join us to stop the gas export expansion in Louisiana.

Louisiana Bucket Brigade is working to unite local residents, fishermen and organizations to reject the dozen facilities planned for Plaquemines, Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes. We are organizing events and media campaigns to raise the visibility of local resistance to the expansion, and empowering community members to advocate to federal agencies.

With the help of local partners like The Descendants Project, we’re also identifying opportunities to bring good jobs and meaningful livelihoods to the region through renewable energy investment and other economic development efforts.