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Petrochemical Industry Wins Rollbacks as Trump Fundraises in Louisiana

(New Orleands, LA)

As President Trump visits Louisiana to raise money and tout fossil fuel projects around the state, the petrochemical industry is celebrating unprecedented power at the federal level, with executive orders speeding pipeline construction and rollbacks of health and safety standards for offshore oil workers. “The oil industry is celebrating today because of its unprecedented power,” said Anne Rolfes of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade. “In truth, the industry desperately needs President Trump to prop it up with government handouts and an easing of health and safety rules. When you have to change the laws to remain a viable business, you’ve got problems.”

President Trump is traveling to a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Cameron Parish, where the oil industry has been sued by parish government for its destruction of the coast. One proposed LNG in Cameron Parish, the Driftwood Terminal, received what may become the largest tax exemption in state history – a $2 billion exemption that could end up costing Louisiana tax payers $10 million per job provided.

The industry and President Trump often speak of America’s energy security. Most of the proposed projects in Louisiana are for export, relegating Louisiana to the status of a colony that supplies energy to richer nations.

The President is following up his visits to oil and gas infrastructure with fundraisers in New Orleans. “His travel schedule in Louisiana makes the set up pretty clear: he touts oil and gas projects, then goes to fundraisers where he is rewarded for rolling back laws. Industry gets a lot of special favors for its contributions, and those of us in the poorest state in the country pay the price.”



Anne Rolfes, Louisiana Bucket Brigade, (504) 452-4909,