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The Marietta Gang

Who: The Marietta Gang is a group of St. Bernard Parish residents whose homes were covered in oil from Murphy Oil’s million gallon spill. Their property is on the official oil spill map, yet Murphy is refusing to clean their property. They are primarily retirees who have the time and energy to follow through on this issue.

What: The residents are unable to re build with peace of mind until a clean up has taken place. Murphy acknowledges that oil was spilled on the properties, but claims the oil levels to be safe. This assurance, however, is based on sample results that are not comprehensive; Murphy has made determinations of safety based on a single soil sample.

Why: The Murphy Oil spill is unprecedented. There has never, in any part of the world, been an oil spill of this size directly in a residential neighborhood. Residents rightly believe that all possible precautions to safeguard their health should be taken.

The Marietta Gang has repeatedly approached Murphy Oil and asked the company to clean their property. Murphy has not responded. Many of these residents have settled with Murphy Oil, and fear that Murphy is taking advantage of that situation to forever ignore their concerns.

Where: 2707 Marietta St., Chalmette

When: 11 AM, Wednesday, July 19