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PRESS RELEASE: Louisiana Bucket Brigade Celebrates End of G2 LNG Gas Export Terminal in Cameron Parish: “One Down, Twelve to Go”

(Cameron Parish, LA)

G2 Net-Zero has withdrawn its authorizations and applications to export liquid natural gas and stated that the company will no longer pursue building a gas export terminal in Cameron Parish, as reported by Offshore Energy. In response to this news, Anne Rolfes, Director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, issued the following statement:

“This is great news for the people of Cameron Parish and all of us who want our children to breathe clean air, our fishermen and shrimpers to thrive, and everyone whose future depends on us transitioning away from fossil fuels.

We are collaborating with parents, teachers, former oil industry workers, fishermen, shrimpers, and clergy in Lake Charles and Cameron Parish to stop the onslaught of gas export terminals on the coast. The conversations we are having with our neighbors about the threats of bulldozing our coast are making a difference.

As we fell this giant, we have learned that the company has transferred its lease to Tellurian, another gas export company. This area is on a fragile spot along the Calcasieu River. It should be a fishing paradise – not an industrial wasteland.

We see through the industry and our own government’s lies as they seek to expand this industry at any cost. We know that facilities like the one proposed by G2 are toxic, destroy our coast, and make floods more likely

It’s why our movement for a clean, healthy coast, free from the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry is succeeding.

There are twelve more gas export terminals proposed for construction or expansion in Louisiana. One down, twelveto go’.”

According to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, there are now 12 proposals to build or expand gas export terminals in Louisiana. Shrimpers and fishermen have been publicly opposing the buildout of gas export terminals in Cameron Parish, which already has three operating gas export terminals, by showing up to Parish Council meetings and organizing a flotilla outside of an industry conference in November.


About Louisiana Bucket Brigade

The Louisiana Bucket Brigade collaborates with communities on the fenceline of polluting industry in Louisiana. We engage in grassroots action to hasten the transition from fossil fuels.

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