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Advocates’ Guide to
Effective Participation in
Environmental Permit Proceedings

About The Advocates' Guide

The goal of this guide is to provide advocates with the legal and technical knowledge to push back against the ongoing petrochemical buildout in the United States. While national in its scope, advocates working in Texas and Louisiana in particular will benefit from this guide.

Although this guide is heavily focused on the relevant law, the goal of the guide is to be accessible to non-lawyers as well as lawyers who may not specialize in environmental law or who hope to quickly learn about new areas of environmental law.

This report was co-authored by Patrick Anderson, Marta Darby, and Keri Powell and released in August 2023.

Download the Complete Advocate’s Guide (366 pages)

To explore the report in more detail, please visit the table of contents to the left to view videos and checklists related to the specific chapters of the guide.



Chapters 7-9

Chapter 10