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Fight for clean air, gain experience, and support LABB!


The Louisiana Bucket Brigade is always seeking enthusiastic volunteers to help support our organization with office tasks, phone-banking, events, and research activities. Inquire about one the opportunities below or sign-up to be contacted about future volunteers work. 


Standing volunteer positions: 
  • Office Volunteers – Volunteers who are skilled to manage office tasks such as organization, filing, etc. 
  • Phone-Banking Volunteers – Volunteers who have great verbal communication and interpersonal skills for phone-banking opportunities. 
  • Event/Table Volunteers – Volunteers with great interpersonal skills who are able to table or perform duties at events.
  • Research Volunteers –  Volunteers who have experience conducting research and/or analysis. 


Current opportunities

Project Name: Media Archive Project
Type: Office Volunteer
Description of project: This project requires volunteers to scan, upload and organize hard-copy media archives into digital files to a designated Google shared drive. The volunteer is encouraged to develop a creative project with the archive materials to share with followers, with the support of the Social Media Coordinator/Digital Marketing Coordinator.
Length of service: TBD
Location: LABB Office


Project Name: Phone Banking Volunteer
Type: Phone-Banking Volunteer
Description of project: This job requires volunteers to work in collaboration with the Program Coordinator/Development Director to contact LABB supporters to thank them for their contributions via phone or email, or to ask for their support in an upcoming event or initiative.
Length of service: TBD
Location: LABB Office/Remote


Project Name: FOIA Document Review
Type: Research volunteer
Description of project: The volunteer(s) will review a series of documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act request for relevant information. The documents include planning documents, permitting information, legal discussions, communications, and more. Requires a high degree of research and analytical skills, as well as strong reading comprehension skills in the subject of environmental regulations, state and local policy, and/or similar fields.
Length of Service: TBD
Location: LABB Office/Remote






We do not offer specific, formalized internships. Instead, we will work with you to craft your internship based on your course requirements and what you are most passionate about, be it media work, community organizing, public health, emissions research, or fundraising and communications.

To apply for an internship, please send an email to with an attached cover letter and tell us why you’d like to intern at the Louisiana Bucket Brigade and what you hope to learn.